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Back Extension Steps

Step 1: Place the spotter arm height half way between your knee and hip. Adjust the height of the spotter arm to your liking so you are able to be at the 45 degree angle comfortably when performing the movement.

Step 2: Place the towel over the spotter arm for padding

Step 3: Use a pair of heavy dumbbells (around 70lbs) as foot holders. Place them parallel with your spotter arm, approximately 3 feet away.

Step 4: Put your heels on the dumbbells, and lower your hip to the spotter arm.

Step 5: You can now perform the movement from this starting position. If needed, you can hold weight plates for additional difficulty.

Equipment Needed:

Weight Rack

Spotter Arms

PRx Hex Dumbbells

2 Heavy dumbbells


Towel for padding

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