8 Exercises for a Great Mobility Band Workout

October 11, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

Mobility bands are great for full-body training anytime or anywhere whether you’re on the road, when dumbbells might be inaccessible, or working out at home. And, let’s be honest, when is the mobility band rack taken up at your local gym like a dumbbell rack is on a Monday morning?

With a variety of different tensions, mobility bands serve as multi-purpose training tools for those of all skill levels that are looking to increase muscular endurance. So the burning question is, “What do I do with a mobility band?” You may not know about the variety of different exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your home (or as I mentioned earlier, at your local gym when the dumbbell rack is too busy). Mobility bands also serve as a great stretching tool that can be taken virtually anywhere you go.

Here are 8 common exercises, both strength exercises and stretches, that can be performed simply with a mobility band. Just choose the proper band tension and get after it!



Resistance Range



15 – 25 lbs - Light resistance



25 – 50 lbs - Light to medium resistance



50 – 75 lbs - Medium to heavy resistance



100 – 120 lbs - Heavy resistance



120 – 175 lbs - OMG! Would you take a look at those guns?!


1. Assisted Pull-up

- Loop your mobility band on your pullup bar and place your foot into the band to help you get that chin over that bar!

2. Tricep Pull-Downs

- Loop your mobility band on a pullup bar and grab your band while securing your elbows to your sides. Engage the triceps by pulling the band straight downward. Tension can be adjusted based on how high or low you grab the band.

3. Assisted Dips

- Loop each end of a resistance band around each dip bar handle. Assume the starting dip position, with arms extended, and put your knees against the band. Lower your body against the resistance band until your elbows are at 90°. Push up to the starting position until your elbows are straight.

4. Bicep Curls

- With both feet, step on the inside of the band, grabbing the other end with both hands. Perform a normal bicep curl with elbows secured at your sides. Exercise can also be performed with one arm at a time by putting one foot inside of the band.

5.  Band Pull-Aparts

- With arms extended in front of you, grab your band about shoulder width apart, pulling apart until arms are straight out from your sides. Tension can be adjusted by moving hands toward outward on the band.

These strength exercises can be performed in sets of 10-15 reps with the tension that allows you to feel the burn!


6. Hamstring Stretch

- Laying on your back, loop the band around the bottom of your foot and pull your leg straight up. Stretch should be felt in the back of your leg.

7. IT Band Stretch

- First perform the hamstring stretch, then lay your leg across the opposite side of your body. Stretch should be felt in the side of your hip.

8. Quad Stretch

- Laying on your stomach, flex your leg towards your glute and hook the band around the top of your foot. The more you pull on the band, the more of a stretch you will feel in the quad.

Stretches should typically be held for 15-20 seconds per leg to get the full effect of increased mobility.

There are no more excuses for not getting your exercises in because the dumbbell rack is full at the gym! Mobility bands serve the same purpose as dumbbells and can be used anywhere you want to take them!

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Barb Manna
Barb Manna

October 23, 2019

I saw you on fox and friends. you had a exercise program using bands. I would like to know more about it.

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