Seated Leg Curl

February 24, 2020 1 min read

Equipment Needed:


About 6 months ago, we showed you a lying hamstring curl using the bench and a mobility band. Today we are following up with another option to work on your hamstrings from home.

Seated Leg Curl Steps

Step 1: Put J-Cups towards the bottom of your rack, facing the wall.

Step 2: Loop a red mobility band through the orange foam roller to act as a pad for your ankles.

Step 3: Hook the mobility band around the J-Cups.

Step 4: Set the bench up a good depth away from the rack to be able to have tension on the band.

Step 5: Center your feet on the foam roller.

Step 6: Sit on the bench, slightly lift your knees and pull your ankles back.

You can also consider adding a plate to sit on to elevate yourself and allow your ankles to get farther in the curl. This is a great exercise to do in-between sets of squats.

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