Adding a Low Pulley to your Home Gym

October 31, 2022 1 min read

Did someone say Low Pulley?

You asked and oh snap, did we deliver! PRx just released a low pulley that works with every folding rack, which will allow you to add a lot more exercises to your regimen. Shoulder raises, cable curls, pulley rows, and more? Bring ‘em on!

PRx Low Pulley

How does it work?

The PRx Low Pulley requires a few things:

  • A High Pulley (we recommend the PRx Elite High Pulley)
  • A Folding Rack (big fans of the PRx Folding PRO Rack with Multi-Grip)
  • A Rack Lock that fits your rack

Now you're ready to set up for your workout!

  1. Attach the high pulley to the top of your rack
  2. Hook your low pulley to your high pulley
  3. Make sure your rack lock is in place and tightened
  4. Add weight to the pulley post
  5. Select the pulley handle you want to use
  6. Get your gainz!

Why do you need a rack locking system?

We know your gainz just don’t quit! And the more weight you lift using your PRx Low Pulley, the more you’ll need a rack lock. Since folding racks are designed to…well, fold, using a pulley that’s attached at the base of your uprights will cause movement. The Profile® Rack Locking System is designed to hold your rack in place and provide stability during your workout.

Bring on the lifts!

So what can you do with the PRx Low Pulley?
Cable Twist
Single Arm Lat Raise
Seated Rows
Tricep Extensions

Ready to bring your Low Pulley home?! Order here!

What gear do you want us to make next?