Reach Your Full Gym Potential with Build Limitless® Accessories

November 27, 2023 5 min read

When it comes to building your dream home gym, customization and versatility are key. You want equipment that adapts to your specific workout needs, and that's where Build Limitless® steps in. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Build Limitless® offers a range of high-quality gym accessories that are designed to enhance your workout experience.

Build Limitless® Ripcord Pulley System

Let's start with the Build Limitless® Ripcord pulley system. This versatile addition is a game-changer for any gym setup. It's available in two different lengths to fit both 95" and 81" rack heights, making it compatible with a wide range of setups. The Ripcord is also designed to be multi-directional, offering you the freedom to choose how you want to incorporate it into your workouts.

One standout feature of the Ripcord is its ability to be mounted both in-line with and across the existing crossmembers of your rack. This flexibility prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment, floor, and weights. Plus, it provides a stable landing pad for your weight post, ensuring a secure and safe workout environment.

If you're looking for extra leverage, consider the optional footplate that offers two different angles. This allows you to customize your workouts even further, whether you're performing seated rows or curls from a bench. The Ripcord system also allows you to start with just the high pulley and expand your system over time, giving you the freedom to build your perfect gym setup gradually.

Build Limitless Axis Pad

Enhance your workouts with the Build Limitless Axis Pad, a versatile addition that easily pins to any 3"x3" upright with 5/8" holes and 4" spacing. With nine adjustable angles ranging from -90° to 30°, this pad is the perfect accessory for various exercises, including chest supported rows, standing incline presses or curls, step ups, and pulley work.

Constructed with a smooth vinyl and high-density foam material, this pad ensures both comfort and durability during your workouts. It can handle a capacity of up to 1000lbs, making it a reliable companion for heavy lifting sessions.

Build Limitless Dip Station

If dips are your go-to exercise, the Build Limitless Dip Station is a must-have. Designed to fit 3x3 Build Limitless® and Profile® PRO Racks, this accessory easily attaches to any upright on your Build Limitless rack and can be adjusted to any height or direction you need. The anti-rattle pin ensures a secure and rock-solid workout experience. Made of steel with a black powder coat finish, this dip station will look sleek on your rack!

Build Limitless Landmine

The Build Limitless Landmine is one of the most versatile tools you can add to your home gym. You can quickly pin it virtually anywhere on your Build Limitless Rack, making it suitable for a wide range of exercises. This black powder coated steel landmine has a 500lb capacity and fits Olympic barbells in its 9” sleeve. With a full pivot range in all directions, this accessory truly lives up to its name, offering limitless workout possibilities.

Build Limitless Rack Mount Bar Hanger

The Build Limitless Rack Mount Bar Hanger keeps your barbell secure and organized by holding it vertically on an upright or crossmember of your choice. Its scratch-resistant powder coat protects both your storage unit and bar from gouges and scratching, ensuring they stay in top condition.

Build Limitless Weight Storage Pegs (Pair)

Weight storage pegs are the most efficient method for plate storage, and the Build Limitless pegs are no exception. These sleek black storage pegs have 350lb+ weight capacity. Made of 11-gauge steel and mounted to the rack with heavy-duty bolts, they can be placed anywhere on your rack, allowing you to maximize plate storage efficiently.

Build Limitless Chain & Band Storage

The Build Limitless Chain & Band Storage is a simple and sleek bolt-on solution for keeping your chains off the ground and out of the way. Made with heavy-duty steel and a durable black powder coat, this hanger ensures your chains stay in place no matter how heavy they are.

Build Limitless Band Pegs

Banded lifts can take your workout to the next level, and the Build Limitless Band Pegs are designed to secure your resistance bands with confidence. Made of steel and protected with black powder coat, you can trust these 12” pegs to keep your bands secure during intense workouts.

Build Limitless Logo Plate

Add a personal touch to your Build Limitless rack with the Build Limitless Logo Plate. Made with steel and painted with a tough powder coat, this plate is built to last and can be customized with white, orange, or black logo backer plates.

Build Limitless Elite J-Cups

When it comes to sturdy and reliable gym equipment, look no further than the Build Limitless Elite J-Cups. With an overall height of 8.5" and a depth of 3.5", these J-Cups make racking your weights after every set a breeze, providing a seamless and efficient workout experience. What sets them apart is the inclusion of protective UHMW plastic, preserving both your bar and rack, and keeping them looking brand new. With a black powder coat finish and robust 3/8" steel, they are built to withstand the toughest workouts. Say goodbye to unnecessary wear and tear, and hello to a gym setup that truly cares for your equipment and your progress.

PRx Savannah Bar for Adaptive Athletes and Kids

Designed for adaptive athletes and kids, the PRx Savannah Bar is a testament to inclusivity and quality. Made with steel in the USA, this 40” black bar can hold body weight and more. Its adjustable height on your rack ensures that everyone can have a fulfilling workout experience.

Safety Equipment

Build Limitless Safety Strap System

Safety is paramount when lifting heavy weights, and the Build Limitless Safety Strap System has got you covered. These heavy-duty 3/8" thick reinforced nylon straps are secured to the uprights with 1/4" thick steel hangers and a 5/8" diameter pin. Adjusting the strap height on the uprights is quick and easy with loop pins that are easy to remove, allowing for uneven positioning to ensure safety on failed reps. With a capacity of 1000lbs, you can lift with confidence knowing you have reliable support.

Build Limitless Spotter Arms

Protecting your bar and yourself during heavy lifts is essential, and the Build Limitless Spotter Arms excel at both. These arms feature UHMW wear strips at the top to safeguard the knurling of your bar. They can be easily attached to the front of your uprights and offer more functionality with five 5/8" holes on each side for other accessories.

More to Come...

If these accessories match your gym style, keep your eyes on Build Limitless® because there are some exciting new products coming! Built to help your gym grow with you, the upcoming products, along with these accessories, are going to be home gym game-changers—follow along with PRx’s Build Limitless® to be the first to get the info on new equipment!