Comparing PRx Specialty Bars

March 11, 2024 4 min read

Are you looking to elevate your strength training routine to new heights? Look no further than PRx Performance's impressive collection of specialty bars. From the innovative Cambered Swiss Bar to the versatile PRx Hex Bar, each bar is meticulously designed to enhance your workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

Whether you're targeting specific muscle groups, addressing back and joint issues, or simply seeking to diversify your exercises, these specialty bars offer unique features and benefits tailored to meet the demands of athletes at every level. Join us as we delve into the world of specialty bars and discover how they can revolutionize your strength training regimen.

Specs PRx SupraCurl Bar PRx Safety Squat Bar PRx Olympic E-Z Curl Bar PRx Hex Bar
Weight 25 lbs 65 lbs 19 lbs 45 lbs
Total Length N/A 91.25" 47.5" 56"
Total Width N/A N/A N/A 23"
Bar Length N/A N/A 33.25" N/A
Sleeve Length 7.5" 16" 6.5" 9.5"
Handle Length N/A N/A N/A 10"
Sleeve Diameter 2" 1.96" 1.96" 1.96"
Knurling Medium None Medium Medium
Static Load Capacity N/A 1200 lbs 330 lbs N/A
Finish N/A Black powder coat Hard chrome plated Hard chrome plated

SupraCurl Bar

The PRx SupraCurl Bar is an essential tool for any dedicated lifter. Boasting rotating handles for a secure and comfortable grip, this bar is designed to help you achieve your strength goals efficiently.

With its ergonomic design, the SupraCurl Bar not only enhances your grip but also promotes better control and posture during lifts. This translates to accelerated progress and reduced risk of injury, ensuring you can push your limits with confidence.

Upgrade your lifting experience and maximize your gains with the precision engineering of the PRx SupraCurl Bar.


Safety Squat Bar

Designed to be strong and versatile, the PRx Safety Squat Bar stands out as a top-tier choice in its category. This bar isn't just about strength; it's about refining your technique and ensuring safety throughout your lifts.

The Safety Squat Bar features a uniquely cambered shaft design, shifting the weight distribution forward akin to a front squat load. This innovative design promotes a more upright spine during squats, reducing stress on the lower back while allowing you to confidently add more weight to the bar. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with limited shoulder mobility, offering a comfortable and effective alternative.

Equipped with a shoulder pad and designed with a sleeve diameter compatible with standard Olympic plates and collars, the PRx Safety Squat Bar is both functional and convenient. Plus, with the option to store it on the wall using PRx Specialty Bar Storage, it's a space-saving solution for any gym setup.

Crafted with quality and precision in the USA, the PRx Safety Squat Bar is your key to safer, more effective squatting sessions.

Olympic E-Z Curl Bar

Get your curls on with the PRx Olympic E-Z Curl Bar! This versatile bar is your ticket to a variety of curl variations, including bicep curls, reverse curls, spider curls, preacher curls, and more. But its utility extends far beyond curls – it's also perfect for skull crushers, front arm lifts, triceps rollovers, and an array of other exercises!

Crafted with precision, the Olympic E-Z Curl Bar boasts a weight of 19 lbs and a total length of 47.5", making it an ideal choice for both home and commercial gyms. With a bar length of 33.25" and a sleeve length of 6.5", it offers ample space for loading standard Olympic plates.

Featuring medium knurling and a sleeve diameter of 1.96", this bar ensures a comfortable yet secure grip for your workouts. And with a capacity of 330 lbs, you can push your limits with confidence, knowing that this bar is built to withstand your toughest sessions.

Finished with hard chrome plating for durability and aesthetics, the PRx Olympic E-Z Curl Bar is a reliable companion for your strength training journey. Whether you're targeting your biceps, triceps, or forearms, this bar has got you covered!

Olympic Hex Bar

The PRx Hex Bar isn't just for any athlete – it's a game-changer, particularly for those dealing with back and joint issues. With its unique design, this bar optimizes weight distribution at hip level during hex bar deadlifts, significantly reducing stress on the back compared to traditional barbell deadlifts.

But the benefits don't stop there. Hex (Trap) Bars offer versatility beyond deadlifts, making them perfect for exercises like farmer carries, bent-over rows, shoulder shrugs, and more. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the PRx Hex Bar is a valuable addition to your training arsenal.

Crafted with durability in mind, this bar weighs 45 lbs and measures 56" in total length and 23" in total width. With a sleeve length of 9.5" and a handle length of 10", it provides ample space for loading plates and comfortable gripping options.

Featuring medium knurl depth and a sleeve diameter of 1.96", the Hex Bar ensures a secure grip during your lifts. Finished with hard chrome plating, it not only looks sleek but also stands up to the toughest workouts with ease.

Experience the difference with the PRx Hex Bar – your key to safer, more effective workouts and enhanced performance!