Saving Your Space with PRx Fold-In Accessories

November 16, 2023 3 min read

In today's fast-paced world, space is a precious commodity. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or simply looking to stay active, you want equipment that offers a high-quality workout without taking up your entire living space. That's where PRx Profile® fitness equipment comes into play. In this blog post, we'll explore some of PRx's innovative products designed to optimize your workout space without sacrificing functionality.

PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench

The PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench is a game-changer for anyone with limited workout space. This bench mounts on the wall and fits seamlessly with PRx's Profile® ONE, Profile® PRO, and Murphy Racks. When not in use, it sits only inches from the wall, making it sleek and unobtrusive. However, it transforms into a super sturdy bench when needed, providing stability for your lifts. With its sleek black finish and dimensions of 19" x 12" x 45", this bench is as stylish as it is functional.

Profile Incline Folding Bench

For those seeking versatility in their workouts, the Profile Incline Folding Bench is a perfect choice. This bench can adjust to 12 positions, from flat to the military press position, ensuring you have the right angle for your exercises. It's engineered to fit seamlessly with PRx wall-mounted racks, aligning perfectly with your rack regardless of the incline position. The black powder coat frame and black vinyl pad makes it fit in seamlessly with any gym setup. With a 1000lb capacity, this bench is suitable for all levels of lifters.

Profile ONE Dip Station

The Profile ONE Dip Station is a must-have for upper-body and core workouts. It easily attaches to the upright of any PRx Profile® ONE wall-mounted folding rack. Not only does this steel dip station provide a secure and rock-solid platform for dips, leg raises, and more, but it also helps increase your range of motion. Plus, its black powder-coated finish gives it a sleek look that complements your workout space.

Profile ONE Spotter Arms

Safety is paramount in any workout, and the Profile ONE Spotter Arms ensure just that. Sold in pairs, these steel spotter arms are designed to catch your bar if you fail a rep, keeping you safe during your lifts. They are compatible with PRx Profile® ONE and Fold-In ONE Racks, and their UHMW wear strips protect your bar's knurling. These black bars have a 1000lb capacity. Additionally, they can be used for various exercises like rack pulls, bent-over rows, and standing overhead presses.

Profile Landmine Attachment

The Profile Landmine Attachment adds a new dimension to your barbell workouts. With a full pivot range in all directions, it allows you to perform core work, presses, rows, belt squats, and more. When not in use, it can be quickly stored in the upright position with the included retainer. The Landmine Attachment has a 9” sleeve that fits standard Olympic barbells. This black powder coat attachment is compatible with PRx Profile® and Fold-In Racks, making it a versatile addition to your fitness arsenal.

PRx Savannah Bar for Adaptive Athletes and Kids

Designed for adaptive athletes and kids, the PRx Savannah Bar is a versatile tool that can be adjusted to various heights on your rack. It's made with sturdy steel, ensuring it can hold your body weight and more. This 40” black bar is compatible with both the Profile ONE and Profile PRO racks, offering a unique fitness solution for a wide range of users.

Pulley Systems

The PRx Prime Pulley System or the Elite Pulley System work with racks that have 5/8" or larger holes. Adding one of these to your home gym brings even more versatility to your toolbox. Now there's no excuse for skipping all those shoulder raises, cable curls, and pulley rows!

The pulley systems are compatible with Profile Racks as well as our Build Limitless Racks.

pulley comparison chart

When it comes to maximizing your workout space without compromising on quality, PRx Profile® fitness equipment stands out. With innovative solutions like the Flat Folding Bench, Incline Folding Bench, Dip Station, Spotter Arms, Landmine Attachment, Savannah Bar, and Pulley Systems, you can transform your home gym into a versatile fitness haven. Invest in PRx Profile® fitness equipment today and make the most of your space while achieving your fitness goals.