Find Your GRIND with These Rack Accessories

December 11, 2023 2 min read

Welcome to the world of elevated workouts with GRIND accessories! Among the arsenal of tools enhancing your fitness routine, the Dip Handles, their storage, and additional J-Cups stand tall and offer versatility and functionality for your rack. All these accessories are designed to amplify your training regimen, enabling an array of exercises that elevate your strength and endurance. Let's delve into the features that make these accessories game-changers in your fitness journey.

GRIND Dip Handles

Enhance your workouts with the Alpha3000 Dip Handles and Chaos4000 Dip Handles (rack specific). These versatile accessories allow you to add a variety of movements to your training routine:

Compatibility: Alpha3000 Dip Handles are exclusively compatible with the Alpha3000 rack, while Chaos4000 Dip Handles share the same specifications as the Alpha3000 model.

Flip-Down Design: The convenient flip-down design allows for easy adjustment, enabling you to perform exercises like tricep dips, ab crunches, incline push-ups, inverted rows, and leg raises.

Weight Capacity: The Dip Handles can support up to 350lb, ensuring safety during your workouts.

Sold In Pairs: Each set of Dip Handles includes a pair, providing you with everything you need for a well-rounded workout.

GRIND Dip Handle Storage

Maintaining a tidy and efficient workout space is crucial, and the GRIND Dip Handle Storage rack is here to help. Key features include:

Sturdy Steel Construction: Constructed from durable steel, this storage solution offers a secure and convenient way to store and organize your dip handles.

Rack-Mounted Design: The rack-mounted design ensures that your dip handles are easily accessible without occupying valuable floor space.

Compatibility: This storage rack mounts to both Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 squat racks, making it a space-saving and versatile addition to your gym setup.

GRIND J-Cups: Secure Your Barbell

While the Alpha1000, Alpha2000, Alpha3000, and Chaos4000 racks come with a pair of J-Cups, having an extra set can help ease transitions from bench work to standing work. It can also help eliminate moving the J-Cups if multiple people are lifting at the same time! Imagine not having to move them every time you change position or person:

Alpha1000 J-Cup (Pair): These J-Cups are exclusively designed for Alpha1000 racks, featuring a secure pin attachment and providing 17" of rubber protection for your bars. They have an impressive weight capacity of 500lb per pair.

Alpha2000 J-Cup (Pair): Specifically designed for Alpha2000 racks, these J-Cups are a must-have for those seeking convenience and safety in their workouts.

Alpha3000 J-Cup (Pair): Compatible with Alpha3000 racks, these J-Cups are perfect for accommodating multiple lifts during your workouts.

Chaos4000 J-Cup (Pair): For Chaos4000 rack owners, these J-Cups offer a secure and reliable solution for your barbell.

With GRIND's accessories, your workout space transforms into a hub of efficiency and safety. The Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 Dip Handles open doors to diversified exercises, while the Dip Handle Storage rack ensures a clutter-free environment, effortlessly organizing your equipment. Furthermore, GRIND's J-Cups cater to the specific needs of each rack, prioritizing security and ease in your lifts. Elevate your fitness experience with GRIND accessories, where innovation meets functionality for a workout like no other.