How To Add Color To Your Home Gym

March 17, 2022 1 min read

Having your gym in your garage is amazing, but designing your gym around your favorite colors? Well, that’s what home gym dreams are made of! Check out these five products that will add a little color to your home gym!

1. Profile RRO Rack

Talk about the easiest way to bring color into your home gym! Pick one of 10 colors in our PRO Rack line. Love orange? We’ve got you! Big fan of gray? Check out our Clear Cerakote. Want to be bold? You can’t go wrong with red! On top of your color, you can also pick from a multi-grip, kipping, or pull-up bar!

Color upright options

2. PRx Cerakote Olympic Barbells

Holy barbells, Batman! Have you checked out our new Cerakote Olympic Bar colors? We’ve got it all! These colors are guaranteed to help you reach your next PR (we haven’t tested this yet, but it’s up to you to prove us wrong 😉).

New barbell colors

3. PRx Color Elite Competition Plates

Color Elite Competition Plates = Badass. Seriously, these plates look amazing in every gym. Want color, but want something a little more subtle? Check out our PRx Color Fleck Bumper Plates.

4. PRx Competition and Vinyl Kettlebells

Which kettle bells will you add to your space? Color Vinyl or Competition? They’re both awesome.

Vinyl kettlebell colors

5. Spotter Arm Storage with Backer Plate

Spotter Arm Storage with Backer Plate
Did you know you can order our Spotter Arm Storage with a color backer plate to match your rack? A pop of color and wall protection in one!

What colorful gear are you adding to your gym?