Multi-Grip Bar: Target a Variety of Muscles

November 21, 2019 2 min read

A New Pull-Up Bar Option for our Profile® Racks!

Pull-ups are defined by many as the ultimate measure of upper-body strength. Although they may not be the most exciting movement in your fitness routine, they can definitely be the most beneficial. From increasing grip strength to carving up those upper-body muscles, pull-ups carry many benefits that are hard to achieve without doing them. But doing standard pull-ups day in and day out can get tedious. Hence, our new PRO and Profile Squat Racks with Multi-Grip Bar!

Getting one of our new racks with the Multi-Grip Bar will make it is easier to add more variety into your upper-body workout days. This bar offers a variety of different hand holds, which allow you to work different muscle groups based off grip placement. Switch up your routine from the traditional pull-up!

The PRO and Profile Squat Racks with Multi-Grip Bar have four different grip options in addition to your traditional pull-up and chin-up grips:

Narrow Neutral Grip – With palms facing each other, use the innermost handles of the bar to hit the bottom of your biceps and produce greater recruitment of the lower lats

prx performance multi-grip bar narrow neutral grip

Angled Grip – Very similar to the narrow neutral grip, the angled position allows you to hit more on the lats and scapula and less on the biceps

prx performance multi-grip bar angled grip

Wide Neutral Grip – This grip focuses heavily on the lats and biceps, with greater recruitment of upper lats than the narrow neutral grip

multi-grip pull-up bar wide neutral grip

Wide Grip – Arguably the toughest grip of the bunch, the wide grip pull-up will shred your upper back muscles – even if you can’t perform as many reps as you can with a regular pull-up grip

mutli-grip pull-up bar wide grip

The different grip variations play a pivotal role in targeting your upper body muscles and help you master the pull-up.

Check out the PRO and Profile Rack with Multi-Grip Bar now available on our website!