Our 5 Favorite New Products

November 03, 2022 2 min read

2022 was a big year for PRx. We worked through lots of new ideas, designs, and ways to help you lift big in small spaces! We have lots of products that are still in our new product pipeline and plenty of PRx gear we’re improving, too. Looking back, here are some of our favorite products we launched this year.

New Products For Your Home Gym 

Did somebody say storage?!

You know we love storage solutions that save you space, so this year we came out with two products to get your gym gear off the ground! The PRx Gym Accessory Storage stores your gym odds and ends like dip belts, collars, and more. 

Gym Storage Solution


And then we brought out the big guns with the PRx Wall-Mounted Dumbbell Storage. This storage solution can be installed at an angle or flat to store your dumbbells, kettlebells, and other gym weights. What’s our favorite part of this storage solution? It holds a ton! Literally, a ton. When we weight tested this bad boy, the studs broke before our USA-Made Dumbbell Storageshowed signs of bending. Don’t believe us? Check out our engineers putting our gear to the test! 

Our favorite revolutionary upgrade

Did you miss our PRx Incline Bench pre-order? Don’t worry. In 2022, our assembly team worked overtime to make sure this bench was always in stock and ready for your home gym. 

 PRx Incline Bench

Low ceilings, meet your match

If you have a low ceiling and limited wall space, you know that squeezing in both a rack and a pull-up bar can be tricky. To help you get the most out of your studs, PRx created the Topper Bar. This bar is designed to specifically work with our 73” PRO Rack. How? The topper bar lines up with the same studs you use to install your squat rack. When you fold up your uprights, they nestle nicely into the space created by the Topper Bar. Bonus - the Topper Bar offers multiple grip options to take your workouts to the next level. 

Topper Bar and Rack

When they go high, we go low! 

Finally, PRx launched the low pulley. The PRx Low Pulley is designed to work with all folding racks and adds so many new movements to your home gym workouts. Check out our favorites here: 

So what’s next for PRx? 

We’re gearing up to have our biggest year yet, the year of innovation. Get ready for some crazy-cool patented new products. 

But for now, we’re going to celebrate the fantastic products we brought you in 2022.  

(Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!)

Happy lifting!