Revolutionize Your Home Gym: Introducing Profile® Folding Full Cage

September 07, 2023 3 min read

Introducing the evolution of excellence in home gym equipment – the Profile® Folding Full Cage.

Building upon the foundation of strength and convenience established by our renowned Profile® racks, this cutting-edge innovation introduces a new level of comfort, security, and versatility. With the capacity to work within four posts, this cage offers a spacious environment that not only accommodates your lifting goals but also provides ample room for accessories.

Seamlessly fusing the best of both worlds, the Profile® Folding Full Cage invites you to experience a workout that's as secure as it is liberating, as comfortable as it is challenging, all within the confines of a meticulously designed fitness haven.

Folding Full Cage: What Is So Special?

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, innovation is key to enhancing your workout experience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest game-changing addition to home-gym setups: the Folding Full Cage. This revolutionary rack is designed to not only elevate your training sessions but also redefine convenience and efficiency in your home fitness space. Let's dive into the exceptional features that set our folding cage apart from the rest.

Maximized Space Utilization

We believe every inch of your home gym matters. Our Folding Full Cage is meticulously engineered to sit at the same distance from the wall as our acclaimed Profile® racks. This ingenious feature not only provides you with the best space to bench and squat comfortably but also allows our flat and incline folding benches to fit perfectly into your setup. When it's time to tidy up, these benches collapse effortlessly behind the rack, creating a streamlined and organized environment.

Adaptability To Floor Surface

One of the most frustrating challenges for many home gym enthusiasts has been dealing with uneven or sloped floors. Whether your gym floor slopes parallel or perpendicular to the wall, our patented design ensures you'll never again have to struggle with uprights dragging or stubbornly refusing to fold. Say goodbye to workout disruptions caused by a less-than-ideal gym floor setup.

Effortless Folding with Spring-Assistance

We understand that setting up and storing gym equipment can sometimes feel like a workout. That's why we've incorporated a spring-assisted folding mechanism into our rack's design. No more wrestling with the weight of uprights and crossmembers. Our innovative system lightens the load, making rack storage a breeze. With approximately 100lbs less to lift, you'll have more energy to focus on what truly matters – your workout.

Seamless Folding Motion and Precise Alignment

Achieving the perfect alignment of your equipment shouldn't be a source of frustration. Our Folding Full Cage features a purpose-built stopping point at the end of the folding motion. This thoughtful addition ensures that you won't have to wrestle with getting the rack square to the wall, and it also prevents any undue stress while positioning the overhead pull-up bar.

Effortless Pull-Up Bar Experience

We've reimagined the pull-up bar experience with an intuitive design that's a breeze to attach and detach. No more intricate maneuvers or complex setups – our improved pull-up bar design is the easiest on the market. When you're integrating it into your workout you'll be amazed at how effortless and seamless the process becomes.

Perfect Rack Depth

Finding the right balance between comfort and space efficiency can be a challenge. With approximately 30” of rack depth it's spacious enough to accommodate most users comfortably while being mindful not to overwhelm your gym's footprint. Our Folding Full Cage maximizes usability without sacrificing valuable space in your home gym.

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The Folding Full Cage represents a new chapter in home-gym design. Every element of this rack is meticulously crafted to enhance your workout experience. Upgrade your home gym with our innovative folding cage – where convenience meets performance, and innovation transforms your training.

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