The Savannah Bar: Our Pull-Up Bar for Adaptive Athletes and Kids

October 19, 2016 2 min read

The Story Behind the Savannah Bar: Great Customers Make us Better

One day late last winter, CrossFit Greendale Box Owner Frank Colavita and PRx Performance CEO Brian Brasch were on the phone chatting (fun fact: Brian remembers it being warm enough to go without a coat). Frank met Brian and Erik Hopperstad (PRx President and co-founder) at the Granite Games a couple of years ago where he became one of PRx’s first large customers. He was also one of the first box owners outside of Fargo to purchase our rigs!

Make Fitness Accessible to All

As Brian and Frank chatted on that uncharacteristically warm day, Frank mentioned this amazing athlete he had been working with and an idea he had about a pull up bar that would change her life. You see, Savannah has Cerebral Palsy and traditional pull up bars don’t work for her. Frank & Brian did a bit of brainstorming and from that conversation, the concept for the Savannah Bar was born!

From there, we got our engineers to come up with a design and send it to our metal shop to develop a prototype. We knew we had something special when we received this:

Savannah: The Girl Behind the Bar

It has been truly gratifying and humbling to see this girl in action. Savannah has a lot of spunk and spirit (hence her nickname, 'savage'), which you can witness for yourself on her Instagram: 

Happy Savannah with the Savannah Bar; Savannah & Frank

Frank and Savannah

With the Savannah Bar, we're working to support an entire community of athletes who get out there and crush it everyday - in their workouts and in their daily life. That's why we're in the process of creating a Savannah Mitcham scholarship for L1 Certification!

Accommodates All Sizes of Athletes - Big & Small!

The Savannah Bar is also a useful for making our racks more accessible to kids! One of our local box owners bought the Savannah Bar so she could share her workout time with her family. Here’s what she has to say about one of her boys using the Savannah Bar:

“He really enjoys that pull up bar, by the way. He has been doing a lot of workouts with me at the gym, and I thought I’d surprise him with his own pull up bar. My partner said we needed three more, and the reception by our members has been great. It adds a lot of value for them!”

~ Jess G, CrossFit Fargo Owner and Athlete

Hangin' upside down Grunt it out!

Little Monkeys

Little Monkeys!

Fits both Racks

The Savannah Bar is universal: compatible with both our Profile (2x3 11 gauge steel tubing) and our Profile PRO Racks (3x3 11 gauge steel tubing). The bar has a medium grit for getting a good grip without tearing your hands.

And, if there's any question about what this thing can handle, just check out this quick clip! (Thanks to Frank & Savannah for sharing this with us!)

Looking for more product specs? Check out the Savannah Bar page!