Murphy Rack: The Best PRx Rack for Short Ceilings

August 20, 2021 2 min read

Is the PRx Murphy Rack for you? Possibly.

Many of you are most likely already aware of our original awesome Profile® fold-up racks... but not everyone has enough space for the that signature fold-up action. Enter the Murphy Rack!

Let’s do a little meet and greet with the Murphy Rack®.

What is the Murphy Rack?

PRx Murphy Racks folding

The Murphy rack has been available from PRx Performance for some time, so let’s dial in on exactly why PRx chose to create another type of space-saving rack.

While our customer service crew are true masters at helping you with modified installs, if your ceiling doesn’t quite meet the recommended requirements, the Murphy Rack® may be the solution to all your space limitations!

The Murphy Rack does not require additional ceiling height because the rack folds in instead of up. Does that mean this rack is technically more space-saving than our other lines… we can't say for sure, but it does mean this rack is perfect for almost everyone.

A full gym setup with 2 pins and 30 seconds? It can't get much better than that. 😎

Why Choose Murphy?

Murphy Rack with man

Choosing a rack shouldn't be a point of frustration. Instead of being forced to pick the most important features while sacrificing others, just get it all with the Murphy Rack.

To start, this bad boy is 90" tall making it perfect for any sized athlete. With 2" spacing, you'll be sure to get your J-cups in just the right spot. Now that we've assured you size is not an issue, let's move on to to even more fun perks of choosing Murphy.

The Murphy Rack® is compatible with all of our Profile® Rack accessories. Want a Dip Station or a Landmine? We got it covered! How about some Spotter Arms? Yes again! Don’t worry about experiencing any kind of FOMO with this rack. The last thing we want is for a little restriction like ceiling height to be the barrier between you and the garage gym of your dreams.

Another sweet feature of the Murphy Rack® is the pull-up bar. This may look like any old pull-up bar, but this bar has a nifty little secret… it can stay stored on the rack! Unlike our competition (you know, where the bar has to be removed before the rack can be stored on the wall) this is a huge time saver. Keep that pull-up bar on the rack where it belongs!

Can it Handle the Weight? (Spoiler: It Can).

athlete unfolding murphy rack

We know some of you are hella strong, and we are confident the Murphy will have zero problem taking all the weight you can load up onto your bar. The capacity is 1000lbs, so worry about picking up more weight rather than a new rack. This puppy is definitely in it for the long haul!

Did we mention the Murphy Rack is 90 inches tall? Perfect for most athletes!

Any Questions?

At the end of the day, sometimes you have to fold-in instead of up. We've made sure that either experience is top notch in true PRx fashion. Want to learn more about our other rack options? Check out our PRO vs Profile Page!

Have any questions regarding the Murphy Rack? Sound off below! 👇