Profile® Landmine Attachment

Fits Profile® and Fold-In Racks Only.*

The Profile® Landmine attachment is an effective way to maximize the returns you get from your barbell. This one accessory allows you to add core work, presses, rows, belt squats, balance work, explosiveness, and so much more. With a full pivot range in all directions, the only limitation is your imagination. Attach the landmine to the upright and get your workout on!*

When not in use, the landmine tube can be quickly stored in the upright position with the included retainer. Profile Landmine is not designed for bar storage. Check out the Wall-Mounted Landmine/ Bar Storage if you're looking for a dual purpose solution.

Made in the USA.

Color & Finish
Black powder coat
Material 7-gauge steel
Capacity 405lb
Sleeve Dimensions 9" long
Fits standard Olympic barbells
Pivot Range 180 degrees horizontal
90 degrees vertical

All mounting hardware is included.
*The Profile® Landmine is not compatible with any 73" Profile® ONE or Profile® PRO Squat Rack purchased prior to 2019 (racks with no pull-up bar). The Profile® Landmine is compatible with all 90" and 96" racks that have a pull-up bar.

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