Based in Fargo, ND, PRx is a manufacturing & distribution company supplying high quality American made products to members of the fitness industry to help maximize performance.


At PRx, we believe through preparation and will, operational excellence, strong relationships, and an engaged workforce, we offer unmatched service to our customers and create financial growth and stability for our employees, strategic business partners, and investors. Our Core Values are the defining principles by which we operate as individuals, and as a company:

    • Service our customers above all else

We have a great desire to provide the highest quality products paired with an unforgettable customer experience. We are committed to achieving the level of excellence all of our customers deserve. They are our #1 priority. If they are not satisfied we're not either.

    • Think Big

Led by creativity and innovation, we recognize the opportunities standing in front of us today are a direct correlation of our ability to dream and believe.

    • Build to last

American craftsmanship backed by our unconditional guarantee ensures our products are built to last, adding long-term value to our customers.

    • Do the right thing

We believe that a culture of openness and humility are the pathways to personal and corporate records. We strive to be intellectually honest and act with integrity in everyday business and life. We are committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons upholding our values in every decision. "Always do the right thing; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain

    • Share the good

Giving back is deeply rooted in us. We believe paying it forward is part of our identity and are hopeful our successes enable us to make a significant impact in as many lives as possible.

Our Promise

We strive to be the partner-of-choice for industry affiliates and distributors worldwide. We serve our customers with pride by providing personal customer service in a quick and efficient manner; by providing education and support in regards to our industry trends and products; and manufacturing solid, quality products.

Our Philosophy

We pursue excellence with passion. We believe physical, emotional, and spiritual achievements are made through preparation and will. We are unconventional; ever evolving, constantly driven spirits that reject limitations and believe excellence can be achieved by anyone. We conquer our weaknesses, eliminate doubt, and prepare ourselves for success. We are a community driven by individual efforts, while believing collectively in this common purpose. We are PRx. If you share our vision, please take your place among us. Challenge yourself. Enhance your life. Get better every day.

Brian Brasch, CEO      Erik Hopperstad, President      Eric Jorgenson, Director of Operations

 Brian Brasch, CEO       Erik Hopperstad, President    Eric Jorgenson, Dir. of Operations