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Are you a gym owner looking for equipment to help optimize your space? Or perhaps you’re a corporate wellness professional seeking to add versatility to your standard corporate gym? Or a personal trainer determined to deliver the best training in a limited space? Whatever your needs, our Solutions Specialist works with you every step of the way to ensure that you maximize your space and deliver a world-class workout experience.

Our patented Wall-Mounted Profile® Racks are commercial-grade and offer maximum versatility: fold them down for bar work and weights, fold them up when you need the floor space. Our racks have been rated safe at 1,000+ lbs and we can color coordinate to match your brand and make you look seriously legit. Our wall-mounted Profile® Storage Solutions get everything up off the floor and keep your space organized and professional.

We have helped many others like you. Our mission is to Fit Fitness into Life and we have helped many businesses deliver on that promise too.



You need to have a space the kids can put in some work for sports, or maybe just a simple gym class right? We understand and we offer that kind of versatility to maximize your space. We can customize our racks to match your school colors and increase your equipment storage capacity with our space-saving racks!

We have helped many schools by completely outfitting their space with racks, weight storage, bars, and more! Contact us for your custom quote today!


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