Build Limitless® Ripcord

The Build Limitless Ripcord system is compatible with Full Cage & 6-Post Build Limitless racks.

The Build Limitless® Ripcord pulley system is a reliable and useful addition to any gym. It comes in two lengths to be compatible with both 95" and 81" rack heights and is designed to be multi-directional. The Ripcord can be mounted both in-line with, and across the existing crossmembers of your rack. We've included a weight platform that attaches directly to your rack when using Ripcord inline with crossmembers or placed on the floor when using it across the crossmembers. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear to your rack, floor, and weights, while also providing a stable landing pad for your weight post.

If you're looking for a little extra leverage, our optional footplate offers two different angles. Whether you're on the ground rowing, or concentrating on curls from a bench, the Ripcord has it covered. Now you can have the flexibility to place a pulley system where it fits your needs best. Start with the entire system, or stick with the high pulley by itself and build your system over time. Either way, you can get that pulley workout without adding a standalone machine to your home gym.

Best part? It's made right here in the USA.

Ripcord High Pulley

The Build Limitless High Pulley comes with one weight pin, one fixed weight platform, one rope handle, and all hardware needed for parallel, or perpendicular, rack mounting.

Cable Length 95" Racks - 96" 81" Racks - 82"
Attachment Type Rope handle
Post Length 13.5"
Post Weight 4.5lb
Pulley Wheel 4" Diameter
Ratio 1:1
Cable Finish Chrome cable with plastic casing


Ripcord Low Pulley

Must be paired with the high pulley. The Ripcord Low Pulley comes with all hardware needed for rack mounting.

Cable Length 95" Racks - 100" 81" Racks - 86"
Pulley Wheel 4" Diameter
Ratio 1:1
Cable Finish Chrome cable with plastic casing

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