Fitting Fitness into Life: Olivia Bauman

April 27, 2018 3 min read 1 Comment

npc-olivia-baumanMy interest in fitness began before college and stemmed from what I was seeing in magazines. Here were these beautiful, fit women – how did they do it? How did they achieve and maintain their figures? How much time did they need to invest? Eventually, I decided to see what would happen if I invested an hour a day. I started simple. I set aside an hour a day working out in my house with mostly body movement styles and a couple of dumbbells and created multiple sets and rounds of exercises on repeat.
When I got to college, I broadened my horizons further by joining a gym where I became even more familiar with gym equipment, fitness terminologies, and different training styles. From there, I accepted a friend’s challenge and joined a local CrossFit box. Many of the CrossFit members had started their fitness journeys at home and gradually graduated to CrossFit. After doing CrossFit for a while, I got certified to train, and started training and coaching my own classes in different boxes. I eventually realized that I had enough years of experience that if I needed to, I could coach and train from home.

olivia-bauman-overhead-squat Having a PRx Performance rack and slowly building my home gym has made such a big difference for my business. At first I was afraid I’d lose my clients because of it being too personal of an experience, however, it actually had the opposite effect. The previous gym I used to train my clients had many members who were athletes in Strong Man and CrossFit which made the after-work hours in the gym loud for some of my beginner clients. The banging of weights and chains made it difficult for some of my clients to focus and hear the introduction or learning a new exercise; making the experience itself intimidating to be around. So even if this environment was normal to me, as a trainer/Coach it is important to recognize the personalities and training styles of your clientele to fit their needs as best possible.


I moved to Texas in 2015 where I got married and started a family. I went back to coaching after having my son (who is now two years old). After deciding daycare wasn’t for us, I started bringing our son with as I trained clients one on one and led group classes. But as my baby got older and more active, it got difficult to keep an eye on him and devote the time and attention my clients needed and had paid for. Then, one day while browsing Instagram, I found PRx Performance! My husband and I decided it was the perfect solution for us. We decided to move my business to our garage – didn’t have to worry about daycare and I could schedule clients around our family time!


Starting a home gym has been a great investment. It goes without saying that when I started my home gym, I thought about the layout of all the equipment on my wish list and the PRx Performance Squat Rack made the equation so much easier. The foldable rack is genius and allows for more room when I need it. Even with just the rack and bar, I can already do so much just using bands and pvc pipes. Also, the option to build my garage gym over time with more Prx Performance equipment is comforting because I know I’m investing in quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

I recommend PRx Performance for anyone looking to start a home gym for the convenience alone. And another great aspect of being a PRx Performance equipment owner is the feeling of community. So many others on Instagram record themselves as well as the PRx Performance main site where ideas are endless – which adds to the ease of creating workouts in my home gym for myself and my clients. Fitness doesn’t get any simpler than this. Turn on your music, focus, and bang out on your equipment in the privacy of your own home.

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July 16, 2018

Hey Olivia u look greattttt and baby so cute i wish u luved here si u could trained me i want to start doind some type of workout weights i hurt all over but need some good Motivation

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