Fitting Fitness Into Life: Ragin' Fitness Co.

January 12, 2021 2 min read

Starting Small and Dreaming Big

Jeremy Hohle, founder of Ragin’ Fitness Co., knew he wanted to transform his gym into something that could give his members the best experience at every workout.

“I started this business with three rowers, a small rig with four squat racks, a few barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, and wall balls. Since then, we’ve upgraded our facility a few times...when we sought out PRx Performance, we were going through a rebrand and I wanted a better and more cohesive structure to our classes.”

Adding Some Spice to Ragin’ Fitness Co.

Hohle knew gym members were looking for a unique gym set up. Fueled by the idea of a spin class, Hohle found a way to give each athlete their own space and equipment for every workout. At Ragin’ Fitness Co., every station has its own squat rack, bar, and weights. No more crossing the gym to get what you need. It’s all right there!

Ragin' Fitness Co Before and After with PRx


“I originally saw PRx years ago on Shark Tank and started to do my research. After seeing how well the PRO Squat Racks are built and just how easy they are to manipulate, I knew they were the best option for my gym members!”


Ragin' Fitness installed PRx PRO Racks in their gym


With their new gym design, coaches can help each athlete at their own station with the proper equipment needed for their individual fitness goals. Members can switch their gear in record time, helping them get the best workout possible during their class time.



At the end of the day, Hohle believes that fitness should exist both in and out of the gym. “Being fit helps us enjoy everyday activities with our kids: from chasing them around and playing at home to carrying them when they are tired of walking.”


Ragin' Family


What’s next for Ragin’ Fitness Co.?

Hohle and his team will continue to build up their business and offer individual work stations in their gym, helping as many people as possible reach their health and fitness goals.

Create Your Dream Gym

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