The Build Limitless® Axis Pad: Features and Rack Compatibility

January 22, 2024 3 min read

When it comes to enhancing your workout environment, the Build Limitless® Axis Pad is a game-changer. More than just another gym seat, this versatile accessory is designed to take your exercise routine to new heights.

Axis Pad Features

With nine adjustable angles ranging from -90° to 30°, the Axis Pad is perfect for a variety of exercises, including chest supported rows, standing incline presses or curls, step-ups, and pulley work.

Designed to handle your most challenging workouts, the Axis Pad boasts a capacity of 1000 lbs., making it a reliable addition to your gym equipment.

The smooth vinyl and high-density foam pad are both comfortable and durable, ensuring that your workouts are not only effective but also comfortable.

The black powder coat finish looks sleep on the Axis pad and also safeguards it from wear and tear.

Axis Pad with Profile® Racks

The Axis Pad is primarily designed for use with Build Limitless® racks, however, it's worth noting that with a slight modification (depending on the version of uprights you have), the Axis Pad can also be used with Profile® racks.

If you are unsure which version of uprights your rack has, the uprights sold after August 31, 2023, have 2” spacing and 5/8th inch hole size. If you have the old version of uprights, we do not recommend use with the Axis Pad as the fit will not be completely secure.

For racks purchased before August 31, 2023: We do not recommend fitting the Axis pad onto these racks as the fit will not be secure. The tested weight capacity does not apply to the installation with these uprights.

For racks purchased after August 31, 2023: The Axis Pad can be installed normally with both pins inserted on the side of the upright. This should fit as expected with the Profile® PRO racks (3x3) uprights. For Profile® ONE racks (2x3) uprights the Axis pad should be moved to the side of the rack and installed with the pins inserted from the front of the upright (Axis Pad against the 3” side of the upright) to ensure a correct fit.

If you are unsure which version of uprights your rack has, the uprights sold after August 31, 2023 have 2” spacing and 5/8th inch hole size. These are the new, compatible, uprights.

Please be aware that the Axis Pad is only compatible with 3x3 racks with 5/8” holes. Nevertheless, you can still use it as a bench, much like you would with the Build Limitless® line. Plus, you can perform leg extensions and (single leg) leg curls using the low pulley on Profile® racks, but the high pulley will not be accessible.

If you have a Profile® rack it's essential to follow the instructions for successful and safe workouts.

Custom Set-Up for Profile® Rack Leg Extensions/Curls:

We want to note that when using the Axis Pad for leg extension/curls on a Profile® rack, the setup is slightly different from how it's typically used with Build Limitless® racks. With the Profile® racks you'll need to run the cable outside of the Axis Pad. This custom setup allows you to enjoy the versatility of the Axis Pad even on a Profile® rack.

Does this Axis Pad Fit Your Rack?

The Build Limitless® Axis Pad is the ultimate tool to enhance your workout routine. With adjustable angles, a sturdy 1000 lbs. weight capacity, and a comfortable, durable design, it's a game-changer. The sleek black powder coat finish adds style and protection. If you own a Profile® rack with compatible uprights sold after August 31, 2023, the Axis Pad is a perfect fit. Whether it's a Build Limitless® or Profile® rack, the Axis Pad takes your fitness to the next level. Don't wait; invest in the Axis Pad now and unlock limitless possibilities for your workouts. Your fitness goals are within reach!