Get to Know the PRx Bar & Plate Storage Solutions

November 27, 2023 3 min read

If you're a fitness enthusiast, you know that a well-organized gym space can be a game-changer for your workouts. No one wants to waste time searching for equipment or tripping over cluttered weights. That's where PRx bar and plate storage solutions come into play. These intelligently designed storage options are here to transform your gym setup and elevate your fitness routine.

Bar Storage Solutions

PRx Hanging Bar Storage

Traditional bar storage can hog precious floor space in your gym. PRx's Hanging Bar Storage offers a smarter alternative. These wall-mounted units securely hold your barbells by their sleeves, protecting them from gouges and scratches with their scratch-resistant powder coat finish. This bar storage has options for single, double, triple, and six bar storage. So, whether you have Olympic bars, curl bars, or a healthy collection, this storage option is compatible with them all. Feel free to mix and match your bar collection, and know they will be stored safely in style!

PRx Horizontal Bar Storage

If you're looking to showcase your barbell collection while keeping your gym neat and organized, the PRx Horizontal Bar Storage is the answer. Each unit can hold two bars with 6" of space between each slot, accommodating Olympic bars, PRx E-Z Curl Bar, and PRx Safety Squat Bar. Stack these units vertically for a clean, evenly spaced look. Plus, you can choose from six accent colors to match your Cerakote Barbells and Profile PRO Racks.

PRx Safety Squat Bar Storage

Safety squat bars and all the many specialty bars are great for targeted workouts, but their unique shapes can pose storage challenges. Enter the PRx Safety Squat Bar Storage, designed to accommodate a wide range of bars. Whether it's safety squat bars, hex bars, curl bars, or even Olympic bars (if ceiling height allows), this storage solution has you covered. Mounting hardware is included for easy installation.

PRx Wall-Mounted Landmine/Bar Storage

Get a workout and keep your home gym organized with one piece of equipment! Enhance your core strength, range of motion, and barbell storage with the PRx Wall-Mounted Landmine/Bar Storage. This compact storage unit mounts to any wall stud, offering quick and easy access to your bars. It's perfect for standard Olympic barbells and features 180-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical pivoting for versatile workouts. Keep your gym versatile without breaking the bank and losing precious space—this landmine and storage combo product is built with you in mind.

Build Limitless® Rack Mount Bar Hanger

Designed for rack-mounted storage on Build Limitless® racks, this Rack Mounted Bar Hanger offers an efficient way to store your barbells vertically with either the single bar storage or the four bar storage options. Its scratch-resistant powder coat finish ensures both your storage unit and bar stay in pristine condition.

Plate Storage Solutions

PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage

Tired of plates cluttering your gym floor? PRx offers two plate storage solutions to keep your weights organized. With 3-peg or 4-peg storage options and a wing extension that offers 2 additional pegs, you will have plenty of places to keep your weights off the floor and stored in style. The PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage mounts to a single wall stud and accommodates Olympic plates with a 2” collar opening and a max 18” diameter. Two 45lb crumb rubber plates can fit on each peg, maximizing your storage capacity—with thinner plates you can store even more!

Build Limitless® Weight Storage Pegs

For Build Limitless® racks, there are Weight Storage Pegs. Made of durable 11-gauge steel, this pair of pegs can be mounted in various locations on your rack, allowing you to efficiently store your plates and keep your gym space tidy.