Building A Home Gym: Comparing PRx Performance Racks

October 31, 2023 3 min read

The struggle for space is real, and it's not uncommon to feel frustrated by the lack of room for a gym. The thought of spending money on fitness equipment that might not fit can be daunting. PRx Performance has solutions to solve these problems and let you prioritize self-care without guilt.

Here’s a quick comparison but keep reading to get all the info!

rack comparison chart

Profile® Racks: Compact and Effective

PRx Performance offers two space-saving options for homeowners with limited space: the Profile® ONE and Profile® PRO Racks. We engineered these folding squat racks to fit your busy life while using only 4 inches of wall space when stored. Durability comes from the 11-gauge steel that’s proudly made in the USA.

We designed both the Profile® ONE and the Profile® PRO Racks for homeowners dealing with space constraints. They fold neatly against the wall, giving you back the valuable space you need. PRx Performance understands your worries and gives you comprehensive solutions to help you make the most of your space.

If ceiling height is an issue, PRx Performance has options for Fold-In ONE, that uses less space vertically when stored. Accessories are available for the Profile® ONE, Profile® PRO, and the Fold-In ONE racks. Just measure your area to pick the right equipment. Our customer service team is always ready for any questions or concerns.

Profile® ONE Features:

One color choice:Durable black powder coating

2” x 3” Uprights:Sturdy steel uprights for stability

2” Hole Spacing:Standard 2” hole spacing for comfortable lifts

Profile ONE rack

Advantages of Profile® PRO:

9 Color Choices: Profile® PRO comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to personalize your gym space.

Laser Engraved Numbers: For added convenience and precision during your workouts.

3" x 3" Uprights: Offering enhanced stability compared to the 2" x 3" uprights of Profile® PRO.

Westside Spacing: 2” hole spacing, with 1” hole spacing in the bench area for a more accurate lift

profile pro color options

Profile PRO® Folding Full Cage

Our biggest and baddest. TheProfile® PRO Folding Full Cage needs its own moment. This rack has all the features of the Profile® PRO, but folds in requiring less ceiling space. 

Our engineers designed The Folding Full Cage to handle slanted floors. When it's time to stash it away, just flip the pull-up bar down and slide both sides of the rack against the wall. Plus, those wall brackets come with a nifty spring-assist feature that makes folding and unfolding the rack a piece of cake.

profile folding full cage

Fold-In ONE Rack

TheFold-In ONE Rack is the most economical and space-saving option, needing less space than our other fold-up racks. The design folds in, much like the Folding Full Cage, tucking into the wall on four pins rather than folding up the wall. You can adjust the pull-up bar height to where you need it. The specs match those of the Profile® ONE, but the ceiling requirement is only 91”!

Build Limitless®: The Versatile Solution for All Stages of Life

For those not in their forever place but still eager to build a home gym, PRx Performance introduces theBuild Limitless® rack series. This innovative product line grows with you. We understand everyone is at different stages in life. 

Our equipment is an investment in your health. You won't waste time, space, or money on this gym equipment.

Key Features of Build Limitless®:

Expansion Packs:The Build Limitless® racks can expand into a larger home gym, giving you the ultimate gym experience.

Versatility: Whether you start with the Squat Stand or the 6-Post Power Rack, you can personalize your gym setup to meet your current needs.

Quality Materials:All Build Limitless® Racks are made in the USA with 3x3" 11-gauge steel, for durability and lasting use.

Accessory Options: The racks feature 5/8" laser-cut holes for limitless accessory options, including theBuild Limitless® Ripcord pulley system.

Precise J-Cup Placement: With 1" hole spacing in the bench area of the uprights, you can get precise J-cup placement for your workouts.


Start Building Your Gym Today

Whether you choose the Profile® ONE, Profile® PRO, or the versatile Build Limitless®, you can now prioritize your health and fitness. Don’t sacrifice what you've built in your home. So, make space for your wellness journey today and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you.