The Top 5 Must Haves to Start Your Home Gym

June 01, 2022 3 min read

PRx Home Gym set up with accessories  PRx Bar and Plates Home Gym Addition

You're looking to bring the gym home, and we don't blame you!

Whether it's saving time by shortening your commute, saving money by cancelling your gym membership, or simply the desire to build a beautiful home gym like the ones you see all over social media, we're here to help.

Getting started is the hardest part, but let's simplify the process by highlighting the top 5 must-have pieces of equipment to start your home gym. Check it out!

The Top 5 Must Haves to Start Your Home Gym

1. Squat Rack

Now, here is where you will have to make some decisions. Are you looking for a wall-mounted rack or a stand-alone power rack or cage? Are you fitting your home gym into a small space? If you're looking for a space-saving rack then you should consider choosing a rack from the Profile® line. In the Profile line, you have the option to choose a ONE series or PRO series rack.

Profile Rack Options

If space saving isn't a concern, check out the Build Limitless® line of squat stands, half racks, and cages. Build Limitless is our new line of stand-alone power racks that were designed to grow with you. Start small with the Squat Stand or go big with the 6-Post Rack. No matter which rack you choose, know that you'll be starting your gym off right with a USA-made power rack or fold-up rack.

Build Limitless Racks

2. Barbell

The barbell is your connection to the weights you'll be lifting, and it's a piece of equipment that you will put your hands on every day! The barbell rabbit hole can get deep, but we're just focusing on the must haves you need to get started in your home gym. A 15kg or 20kg Olympic Elite Bar is the perfect place to start. Choose between a Black Zinc or Bright Zinc finish, and you'll be set up with a bar that will show up every day for you. Load the weight, grab the bar and get to work. With a satisfying medium knurl, this multi-purpose barbell will not only look good, but will feel good in your hands. If you're looking to color match the PRO Rack you selected and want to treat yourself, have a look at our Cerakote Olympic Elite Bars.

Cerakote Bar Colors

3. Bumper Plates

That covers the rack and the bar, now let's cover the weights that you'll put on the bar. For your home gym, we recommend starting with a perfect blend of durability and affordability. Crumb Rubber plates are a great solution if you have a tighter budget. Level up with some color options by choosing the Color Fleck Bumper Plates. If you want the ultimate level of durability, performance, and style, check out the Prime Solid Rubber Plates or the ultimate Color Elite Competition Plates. Whether your home gym turns out to be mild or wild, these bumper plate options will be a mainstay in your home gym.

Bumper Plate Options

4. Wall Mounted Landmine/Bar Storage

This accessory really accomplishes two goals. It gives you a taste of how important storage is to keep your area organized while also providing you with an excellent tool to aid in accessory lifts. You've already chosen your bar that you'll be able to store with this landmine solution, and once you've finished your main lifts for the day, you'll be able to attack different muscle groups with various landmine exercises. The Wall-Mounted Landmine makes the list as it recently made it to the Final 4 in our Home Gym Madness challenge! Our followers spoke, and we agree, the Wall-Mounted Landmine belongs in your home gym!

Store your bar and get a great workout

5. Spotter Arms

Let's not forget about safety here! You're going to get stronger and you're going to want to push yourself, and that is where Spotter Arms come into play! Whether you're starting with a Profile® Rack or Build Limitless® rack, there are Spotter Arm or Safety Straps. Sometimes training in the home gym means training alone. Trust us, you'll be happy you added a spotter arm, pin, or strap solution when you need it! 

Spotter Arms

Maybe you've made it this far, and you feel like we've forgotten some other items or accessories. You're probably right, but these 5 essentials will get you up and running! We've covered your bar, weights, a multi-purpose accessory, a safety solution and your centerpiece: the squat rack. From there, you'll be sweating in no time and saving up for that next addition - whether it's in the form of a bench, hand-held weights or more storage solutions

Is there anything you would add or substitute on this list? What did you prioritize when you built your home gym? Let us know below, and keep fitting fitness into life.