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PRx Safety Squat Bar

Designed to be strong and versatile, the PRx Safety Squat Bar is among the elite in its class.

This bar will not only improve your overall strength, but will also help you stay technically sound. The uniquely cambered shaft design shifts the weight distribution forward and closer to a front squat load. You will experience a more upright spine in your squat and you can safely load on weight with less stress on your lower back. Also helpful for people with limited shoulder mobility. 

Comes with a shoulder pad. Sleeve diameter allows for standard Olympic plates and collars. Store it on the wall with the PRx Specialty Bar Storage.

Made in the USA.

Weight 65 lb
Dimensions 20.25" x 91.25" x 5.75" (HWD)
Static Capacity 1200 lb
Sleeve Length 16" usable
Sleeve Diameter 1.96"
Knurling None
Finish Black powder coat