The Biggest Mistake New Home Gym Owners Make

July 08, 2024 4 min read

So, you’ve got the rack, the bar, and some weights... the home gyms complete, right? Ope, you're wrong. You can always add to your home gym, and accessories are KING! We are always looking for ways to add more variety (and awesome-ness) to our setups. This is the first entry in a new little series all about accessories, so keep an eye out for more posts featuring the best add-ons to your gym!

PRx offers tons of add-ons, so we won’t be able to hash it all today. Here are the three most underrated accessories and exactly how they will add that bit of pizazz to your same old routine.

1. Plyo Boxes

Okay, whoever put plyo boxes in the corner of gyms needs to be scolded. Seriously! Who thought putting such a universal tool in an easily forgotten spot was a good idea? Plyo boxes are good for sooo many exercises—talk about a bang for your buck! Step ups, pushup progression, calf raises, bulgarian split squats, hip thrusts, dips, box jumps, there isn’t much that the plyo box can’t help you perform. You can get a complete full-body workout with just one thing.

Athlete performing box jumps on plyo box

Plyo boxes help you train for power, movement, and overall athletic ability. Squatting and deadlifting will help you become strong, but using the plyo box will make you more athletic (a total badass basically). It’s a complete score for those looking to add a whole lot of diversity to their at-home split.

Athlete using PRx Plyo Box

PRx has two types of plyo boxes, wood and padded. Padded boxes will save your shins, but wood will get the job done. It comes down to preference most of the time, as you can do the same exercises with either type of box.

2. Kettlebells

USA made kettlebells

The dumbbell’s cousin, kettlebells are a game changer for your gym. A lot of people prefer the handle on the kettlebell and how it’s handle is easier to hold. Kettlebells are also superior with power movements, like kettlebell swings, goblet squats, push press, and more.

Grab a pair of kettlebells next time you perform walking lunges or rows and let us know what you think. Try switching up how you hold the kettlebell, in front of you, above you, by your sides, on your head (just kidding!). We’re not telling you to retire the dumbbell, but maybe consider checking out some of our kettlebell options to really refresh your workout.

PRx offers several types of kettlebells. Our Cast Iron Kettlebells are great for swings, goblet squats, lunge presses, and Russian twists. These kettlebells are made right here in the USA which always makes it easier to push a little harder during each set.

3. Mobility Band

Mobility bands for stretching

We want you to get maximum gainz, and that means making sure everyone makes time for the most important thing… recovery!

Your muscles need time to relax, heal, and rebuild after a crazy sweat session. Push yourself too much and your progress will dramatically slow. Good thing there are plenty of ways to keep the gainz rolling in.

What is a huge aid to the recovery process? Mobility training and stretching! Work on flexibility, joint mobility, and fire up those stabilization muscles (AKA your abs, guys!). Not only are these guys easy to store (especially with our mobility band wall storage. Cough. Cough), but they also can help with pull-up progression and strength training. Talk about one of the most underutilized pieces of gym equipment!

Athlete using mobility bands for upper body

We have some nifty Home Gym Hacksvideos starring our mobility bands. Learn how to work biceps, do bench presses, seated rows, and the list could go on and on. Head over to the PRx Youtube channel to see the entire playlist of Home Gym Hacks!

Stretch out those hamstrings and hips. Try to work through mobility sets for your shoulders. You are probably a lot more stiff than you realize. Especially if you work at a desk for long periods of time. Stretching and mobility training should be added to your split ASAP!

PRx offers a set of mobility bands to kickstart your training. Grab a pair and you’ll be surprised at all the home gym hacks you can come up with.

4. Foam Rollers

We know, we’ve just listed a bonus product, but foam rollers are so essential that we just couldn’t help ourselves.

The foam rolleris a similar story to the mobility bands, but this is more focused on massaging and stimulating your muscles for recovery. Foam rolling can loosen tight tissue and improve blood flow. This gets your muscles ready for optimal recovery.

Trust us, if you are suffering from stiff and tight muscles, all you have to do is give a foam roller a try and it will massage those knots out.

Don’t Skip Over Accessories, Okay?

We all get distracted with the shiny squat racks and barbells. Don’t get me wrong, those items are important in your home gym, but sometimes it’s the little guys that push us to that next level. Sore and tight back? Do a bodyweight burner and whip out your plyo box. Follow up with a mobility routine and give your body what it needs.

The difference between being a home-gym beginner and pro is the accessories. Not only that, it’s choosing the right accessories.

If you’re a home gym owner, let us know what you think. What is your holy grail gym accessory?

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