New Product Spotlight: PRx Safety Squat Bar

January 19, 2021 2 min read

When it comes to working out, two things matter more than anything else:

  1. Fitting fitness into your busy life
  2. Having a sick home gym

Well, maybe not the second one (even if we are a little biased). 

At PRx Performance, our goal is to keep you safe and help you get stronger during every minute of your workout. To keep that goal and help you get the most from your home gym, we’re introducing our newest product - the PRx Safety Squat Bar.

Prx Safety Squat Bar

The PRx Safety Squat Bar is designed to improve your form and strength while helping you lift safely.

3 Reasons You Need a Safety Squat Bar in Your Home Gym

1. So. Many. LIFTS!

We’re not joking; this bar does it all. Sure, it’s great for back squats, but the Safety Squat Bar’s unique design helps you improve your form on lifts like:

  • Good Mornings
  • Walking Lunges
  • Front Squats
  • Calf Raises

If you’re looking for an elite, versatile bar for your home gym, this is it.

2. Shoulder and Wrist Injury Friendly

Odds are that working out and lifting are some of your favorite hobbies. Over time, all of it can start to take a toll on your shoulders and wrists. The front-facing handles and position of the cambered shaft of the Safety Squat Bar helps athletes with shoulder or wrist injuries pursue their fitness goals by letting them add weight to their lifts while limiting the risk of injury or adding stress to existing injuries.

3. You Guessed It...It’s Safe.

There’s a reason this bar is designed to sit at the top of your back. By placing weight higher on the back, you can focus on an upright spine for less stress on your lower back and knees. Having trouble holding your form during squats? The Safety Squat Bar moves pressure to the muscles you need to engage on your lifts vs. letting your core collapse.

Person using the safety squat bar from PRx

Designed with Your Gym in Mind

Like all of our gear, we believe everything should have a spot on a wall. To help keep your gym organized, we’ve made sure the PRx Safety Squat Bar fits in our Specialty Bar Storage

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