Discover Your Home Gym's Potential with PRx Strength Accessories

April 01, 2024 3 min read

Are you looking to take your home gym to the next level? PRx Performance offers a range of innovative accessories that can help you maximize your workout potential. Work on your core strength, range of motion, improving your grip.

PRx has you covered. We'll take a closer look at some of our top accessories that can transform your workout space.

Profile Landmine Attachment

The Profile Landmine attachment is a game-changer for those who own Profile® and Fold-In Racks. This versatile accessory opens a world of possibilities. You can incorporate core work, presses, rows, belt squats, and balance exercises into your routine.

Your imagination is your only limit. The Profile Landmine has a weight capacity of 405lb and a full pivot range in all directions. The landmine tube stores in the upright position, thanks to the included retainer.

Check out the Wall-Mounted Landmine/Bar Storage if you need a dual-purpose storage-equipment solution.

PRx Post Landmine (The Torsonator)

The 360-degree rotational pivot named it the Torsonator. The PRx Post Landmine is a solid steel accessory with a durable black powder coat finish. It's compatible with Olympic barbells and features an 8.5" long base. Whether you're aiming for strength or conditioning, this accessory adds endless variety to your workout routine.

PRx Wall-Mounted Landmine/Bar Storage

The PRx Wall-Mounted Landmine/Bar Storage is a space-saving powerhouse. It helps you build core strength and improve your range of motion and also provides a convenient storage solution for your barbell.

Simply mount it to any wall stud, pull the pin, and you're ready to go! Keep in mind that this landmine mounts to the wall, not a rack. Its 7-gauge 10" steel sleeve is compatible with standard Olympic barbells. Plus, it pivots 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

PRx Axis Pad

The PRx Axis Pad is a versatile addition to your workout environment. It easily pins to any 3"x3" upright with 5/8" holes and 4" spacing. It offers nine adjustable angles ranging from -90° to 30°.>

This vinyl pad is ideal for exercises like chest supported rows, standing incline presses or curls, step ups. With a capacity of up to 1000lb, it's a sturdy and reliable choice.

Abmat™ Preacher Pad

Despite its compact size, the Abmat Preacher Pad provides comfortable support for effective workouts. Made of high-density foam, it's lightweight, portable, and affordable, making it a valuable addition to any gym. Simply set it on any surface, and you're ready to work on your core strength and stability.

PRx Crash Pads (Pair)

PRx Crash Pads are a must-have for noise reduction and floor protection. These dense foam pads are ideal for cushioning the impact of weightlifting. They also shield your floor and plates, ensuring a quiet and safe workout environment.

PRx Squat Wedges

Our engineers designed the PRx Squat Wedges for progressive training, offering two height options: 15° and 30°. Steel with a black powder coat finish and feature anti-slip grip tape make these squat wedges heavy-duty. All of that is so you stay confident during squats and leg workouts.

Their simple nesting design makes them easy to store when not in use. Whether you're working on squat depth, strengthening your knees and ankles, or targeting your quads, these wedges have you covered.

PRx Dip Belt

The PRx Dip Belt is designed for dips, pull-ups, and belt squats. You can easily attach kettlebells or weight plates to the chain for added resistance. Its tall back and extra padding ensure a comfortable fit, and it can handle weights up to 425lb. This one-size-fits-all accessory is perfect for enhancing your upper body and lower body workouts.

PRx Chain Collar

Efficiency is key in a garage gym, and the PRx Chain Collar proves its worth. Use it with the PRx Straight Bar Handle and Landmine Attachment for a variety of exercises. If you have two chain collars you can use them with 2" Olympic bars and collars, adding more to your workouts.

Spider Chalk Mega Blocks and Chalk Balls

Chalk up with Spider Chalk, a high-quality athletic chalk manufactured in the United States. It enhances your grip for various exercises, such as bench pressing, deadlifts, squats, and more.

Spider Chalk is pure magnesium carbonate with no fillers or additives, offering superior stickiness and durability. The Mega Blocks are denser and longer-lasting than regular chalk blocks. The Chalk Balls provide a convenient and mess-free way to apply chalk.

Whether you are buying your first strength accessory or adding to your collection, all of these are great additions to any home gym. Make your gym even more fully functional with these strength accessories today!