Building Your Own Home Gym Package

July 01, 2024 2 min read

Building your own home gym packages guarantees you get everything you want, and nothing you don’t! Of course, you can always modify our pre-built packages, but we know every home gym is unique. So, here’s how to build your own!

*For the purpose of a visual example, I will walk through building a package around a Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar.

Step 1: Choose Your Rack

Choosing the right rack for you is the first and most important step. Click into any product and read more. Once you have decided on a rack you move on to step 2. Add to Cart only after you have built your package—scroll down to add more!

Step 2: Choose Your Bench

Our most selected products are listed below. Pick out your bench from the options listed. If you need to learn more about a product, click on its name! It will open a new tab, but your existing package’s browser tab will stay open. Close out of the product when you have learned enough, and select the box next to the product you want to add to your package.

Step 3: Choose Your Bars

When you go to pick a bar, there are some drop down menus so you can personalize your gym even more! Select the option that you like the most, then check the box to select that product. Don't forget specialty bars--if the one you want is listed, go grab it at the end!

Step 4: Choose Your Plates

Now you get to choose your plates! If the product you want isn’t one of the options in the BYO list, skip it! You can add it once the rest of your package it built.

Step 5: Choose Your Rack Accessories

Rack attachments are next! From safety to versatility, these attachments help turn your package into your dream gym.

Step 6: Choose Your Accessories

The last thing to pick is the accessories that aren’t rack additions. From plyo boxes to kettlebells, these are the last bit your gym needs to be perfect.

All Done! Add to Cart

Once you have selected everything you want from the list, scroll back up and it’s time to Add to Cart!

If there was anything you skipped, now is your time to add the variety you want and turn your dream gym into a reality!