The Home Gym Basics

June 24, 2024 2 min read

You want to build a home gym, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Step 1: Choose a Rack

Build your home gym around your rack. The rack determines what attachments, accessories, and storage you might need!

Our Profile® line of racks is the best for space-saving solutions. Easily store your rack to save space in your garage or home when you aren’t lifting!

If you want your gym to grow with you, the Build Limitless® line is the way to go! Start with a squat stand and build up to a 6-post when you or your space is ready for it.

Step 2: Select Your Bench

Make sure you pick the right bench for your workouts, whether you need a flat or fully adjustable bench, or something in between.

Our Profile® benches are space-saving, too! Fold these benches away and store them nicely in your wall.

Need a bench you can move around your gym space! Our PRx benches are the choice for you!

Step 3: Pick a Bar

The bar or bars you want will be based on the exercises you will be doing regularly.

Power Bar or Olympic Bar? Depends on the knurling you want. The size of the barbell shaft is the same on the men’s power or Olympic, but if you want a narrower shaft try a women’s bar.

Don’t forget your specialty bars, like the EZ Curl or hex bar for adding a little spice to your workout routine!

Step 4: Find Your Plates

Maybe you already know what kind of plates you want, but just in case you don’t...

Bumper plates are great for all-around use. These plates have a gentler impact on the floor and a quieter drop than steel or cast-iron plates.

Competition or cast-iron plates are a great option if you want thinner plates and don’t mind the louder drop—just make sure you have proper flooring to protect your floor and your equipment!

Step 5: Store Your New Gear

When you finally have everything you need for your home gym workouts, make sure you can store it all! Keeping your equipment stored helps keep an organized gym that’s ready whenever you are. It also helps to create more space for the other things you love in your life. Don’t sacrifice a guest or playroom, or even your garage parking space.

Don’t stop at gym equipment though, we have storage options for whatever you have in your life. Keep your things clean and protected with our Own the Wall line of storage equipment.

While this list might be typical for a home gym, your goals are unique, and your gym should be, too. Get what you want and skip what you don’t. We can’t wait to see the gym you design!